Life to stop them
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No Conscience - 
No limit to the Lies.....

                        .......until we set them. 

Welcome to Life Stealers
We're here to help you find the way out of the darkness cast by psychopathy.
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          This is a site where you come to take action.  If you are attempting to escape from a psychopath, recover from contact yourself or assist a friend or relative you have come to the right place.  If you want to take action to return our world to the control of real people, you found that, too.   

          While psychopaths are only 1 - 4% of the population they have, effectively, changing our world in ways which cost every one of us in incalculable ways.  

       We see these costs in Family Court, in the frauds they routinely perpetrate, in the costly wrong turns taken in our own lives, lied to and misdirected by their predatory ways.  

       These are the smaller portion of what they cost.  The larger costs must be measured in lives lost in war, in the abuse of the legislative process, which now directs statute to limit our choices in every part of our lives so as to fatten the bottom line of corporations which are run by psychopaths.  This is an uncomfortable reality for many, a shock when first confronted.  

       To see the whole is frightening - but when we know we can take action we can live through the fear and survive.   

 Understand the condition.  Assess you options.  Get the tools you need to cope, recover, leave. Plan your escape.  
      This site provides information and other resources you need, some here, some linked.  


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