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About Psychopathy

Characteristics of Psychopathy
Robert Hare, Professor Emeritus

Are You a Psychopath?
Professor Emeritus, Robert Hare Reader's Digest Canada, September 2011

Neurobiological basis of psychopathy

  R. JAMES R. Blair, PhD

To understand a psychiatric disorder we need to know why the pathology causes the behavioural disturbance, the neural structures implicated in the pathology and the cause of the dysfunction in the neural structures. With regard to psychopathy, we have clear indications regarding why the pathology gives rise to the emotional and behavioural disturbance and important insights into the neural systems implicated in this pathology. What remains unclear is why these neural systems are dysfunctional.

State wastes millions helping sex predators avoid lockup
By Christine Willmsen, originally published January 21, 2012

Washington's civil-commitment program that shields society from the worst sex offenders is burdened with unchecked legal costs and secrecy, The Seattle Times has found.

Bad bosses: The Psycho-path to Success?
By Kevin Voigt, CNN
January 20, 2012 -- Updated 1821 GMT 
​(CNN) -- Think you suffer from a "psycho" boss? A small but growing body of global research suggests you might be right.

Call it the "Psycho-path to Success."

VIDEO:  Is Your Boss a Psychopath? 
CNN - Interview of Psychologist Jeff Gardere
A study suggests your boss might be crazy. Psychologist Jeff Gardere offers insight into this personality type.