Life to stop them
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No Conscience - 
No limit to the Lies.....

                        .......until we set them. 

Tools for Change

Outing a Psychopath 
     Rules for Ethical Journalism.
​    Engaging the Media 

      Family Law Court
      Videos and Audios 
      Using the Internet 

Corporate Psychopaths
      Occupy War Profiteers

Governmental Psychopaths
      10th Amendment 
      Local Governance 

Psychopathic Policies 

              Once you and others can 'see' the behaviors common to the psychopath with whom you have contact it is far easier to recognize others. Outing a specific psychopath by documenting their activities serves to protect you and allows others to correctly identify their behavior.  
             This must take place in ways which protect you by following the protocols for ethical journalism while using the means at right.  Each item will soon be active, leading to further information for Outing your psychopath.  
             Outing your psychopath will be very inexpensive and effective if you follow the outline which will be provided here.  
Recovering from Contact

  Post Traumatic Stress
    Hyperbaric Therapy

  Exiting the Psychopathic  
    How to: 
Join our Yahoo Group and find out about a professional Phone Conference, designed for the needs of survivors of psychopathy.  

     Regularly scheduled conferences will begin this month. 

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