Life to stop them
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No Conscience - 
No limit to the Lies.....

                        .......until we set them. 

Life Stealers - Join Our Yahoo Group

Our newly established Yahoo Group, Life Stealers, allows you to exchange stories with others who are concerned with the problem of psychopathy or are working toward recovery.  The group is monitored for appropriate comments and members should remember to approach contact with others compassionately.  Together, we can heal.  

We have also established opportunities for group counseling, providing a more formal environment and regular sessions with additional support.  For information on cost, or to sign up, use the contact form below.  You will receive your Life Stealers Conference Packet via email, to be returned either via email or by land, your choice.  

Group times are Eastern Standard Time
Please indicate your first choice (1) and your second choice (2).

Monday group: 
_____ 8:00P – 9:30P
_____10:00P – 11:30P

Tuesday group:
____ 9:00A-10:30A
____ 8:00P – 9:30P
____10:00P – 11:30P
Healing takes place one step at a time, but it can happen.