Life to stop them
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No Conscience - 
No limit to the Lies.....

                        .......until we set them. 

Board of Directors 
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster is a journalist, author and writer.  She hosts a  talk show and has written extensively on the issue of psychopathy.  

     She is the founder and president of the Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation and the mother of five children.  
    She survived a psychopathic marriage.
Wendy Buford Montagu is an activist who experienced psychopathy in her own life under circumstances which forced her to confront the condition through a harrowing experience in Family Law Court.  

       Her book, tentatively titled, The Duke of Deceit, is now being written and is expected to become a movie.  
Rebecca Potter, LMHC has 15 years of counseling experience. She is also trained in Applied Behavior Analysis. Rebecca has also been trained as a trauma therapist and specializes in assisting individuals who have experienced trauma. Rebecca is also certified in Biofeedback Therapy.​
       Her undergraduate degree is from Michigan State University.  She taught for ten years, returning for a Master's Degree is Psychology at Southeastern University.   She has been practicing since 1995.  
Dr. Liane Leedom (1961 - ) is Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. She obtained her B.S. in psychobiology and her M.D. degree from the University of Southern California. She completed advanced training in psychiatry at Harbor-UCLA and Yale New Haven Hospital. According to her own claims, she spent ten years in private practice during which time she specialized in treating mood disorders in women.  

     Dr. Leedom's book, Just Like His Father, on the subject of psychopathy is soon to be followed by another soon.